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About Us

Black Dog Pottery ATL was founded in 2015 by Eric Howe after years of throwing as a hobby. Eric first got started with ceramics while at Prep school in Pennsylvania and continued throughout college. While at Wagner College in Staten Island, Eric studied Business Administration with a concentration in Accounting,  moonlighting as the ceramics TA for the art department. 

Living in Manhatten after college, he did not have the opportunity to continue with ceramics- but never lost interest. After moving to Atlanta in 2011, Eric started taking classes at the Spruill Art Center expanding his interest in ceramics.


About our Pottery

While at Prep school, the focus was on stoneware with high fire glazes. Then at Wagner College, the focus was on stoneware with rudimentary glazes and slips.

After taking classes at Spruill Arts Center, Eric was able to experiment with a wide variety of techniques, clay bodies, and glaze formation. His focus is now on Raku, Stoneware with medium fire glazes, variegated clay bodies, and horse hair.